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The Rad Lab – a consulting firm creating high quality programs for neurodiverse individuals



For more information contact:

(856) 295-1855

Long-time disabilities advocate, Los Angeles County Commissioner, and

businesswoman, Cathy Gott, launches The Rad Lab, a consulting firm whose mission

is focused on the creation of high quality programs for neurodiverse individuals. At its

core, The Rad Lab is centered around the values of radical collaboration and

philanthropy. Consultative services include an invitation for people to “take a seat at a

table” by joining one of their virtual labs. Current areas of focus are Housing, Employment, Self-Determination, Legislative, and Community Integration.

One of the most exciting opportunities in The Rad Lab is the call to action to Become a

Catalyst. The Rad Lab will be awarding “molecular” grants to neurodiverse individuals

each year who demonstrate leadership and inspire others to live more independently

through their actions. The application process will open on January 1, 2022 to

individuals 18+ who reside in California or Pennsylvania for a $250 grant. More information about the selection process can be found on the website.

Cathy Gott, and her husband, Jim Gott, a retired MLB Pitcher, are the parents of two

adult sons on the autism spectrum . They have worked tirelessly and are deeply

dedicated to bettering the lives of those with developmental differences.

Julie LaRose, also a parent of two adult sons with autism, joins The Rad Lab as its

Chief Operating Officer. Julie’s entreprneurial and artistic background, coupled with her extensive training in Independent Facilitation and Person-Centered Planning elevates the team’s effectiveness.

More information about The Rad Lab’s team of Collaborators can be found at

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