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Housing Lab



If we create more inclusive and affordable housing solutions, neurodiverse adults and neuro-typical adults will benefit from living side-by-side and celebrating differences.




Cornerstone Housing for Neurodiverse Adults

A non-profit organization that is developing a new standard for inclusive, independent living in Los Angeles. We make an inspired statement about the unique value of every person.  Our current development, The Village, is coming soon.


What happens when children with developmental disabilities grow up? Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence (JCHAI) is a multi-faceted organization with cutting-edge inclusive, supportive vocational programs and living options that serves over 150 people throughout the community.

City of Los Angeles Housing Collaboration

Under the Lanterman Act, section 4501: “The State of California accepts a responsibility for persons with developmental disabilities and an obligation to them which it must discharge. Affecting hundreds of thousands of children and adults directly...

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Autism Housing Network

Bringing together the best ideas in housing for adults with autism and other intellectual / developmental disabilities.

Lanterman Housing Alliance

The Lanterman Housing Alliance is a statewide organization that serves as a catalyst for the creation of affordable, supportive housing for Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Join us in The Rad Lab

Do you have a project or idea in mind? Or, would you like to contribute in our labs?
Contact us to explore ways in which we can collaborate.

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