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If we intentionally create work environments that are designed to include neurodiverse individuals, while providing support to job seekers, more people with developmental differences will be employed.




The Farmer Danny Show

Danny has inspired a number petting farms in Southern California to hire neurodiverse individuals. He now hosts a YouTube show called, The Farmer Danny Show, and shines a light on people and places who elevate others and make the world more inclusive and accepting.

The Career Academy

When funding became available from the Strong Workforce Program (AB 1602), specific language was inserted to address the need for increasing supports for students attending Community Colleges who had ASD. We collaborated with local colleges and agencies and designed this innovative program.

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NeuroTalent Works

NeuroTalent Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to transitioning gifted individuals on the autism spectrum into valuable talent for corporations



The Next Stage of Jobs for Adults with Autism, ADHD, and Other Learning
and Mental Health Differences

This book helps neurodiverse individuals and their families to find employment. It also sets out the strategies needed for collectively improving employmernt rates of neurodiverse individuals.

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The Career Development Intern (CDI) Program individuals with disabilities with opportunities within the County of Los Angeles, and assists them in gaining the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to compete for full-time permanent positions. 

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