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Community Lab



If we bring together and support neurodiverse individuals
and facilitate interactions,
meaningful community connections are formed.




Education Spectrum

We've pioneered a unique blend of community-based programs to foster individuals' social, emotional, behavioral, communicative, and learning potential by implementing research-based intervention techniques. At the core of who we are, is a team of dedicated professionals that will help you unravel the mysteries surrounding ASD in an environment of respect, compassion and understanding.

Apex Social Group

Empowering families through skilled live-in childcare and social exchange for families with special needs since 2008. Apex works closely with each family through a highly personalized and innovative placement process, understanding their unique needs to find just the right support to help them thrive.

Often times, parents need help, support, and solutions when their children reach adulthood. There is a tremendous range of emotions parents face while trying to find and navigate supports and services. In addition, parents are becoming fully aware that they will not always be able to look after their children’s needs. At ETTA, we want to assure you that there are resources out there for families. There are solutions to assist in achieving the most fulfilling adult life for these children. In fact, ETTA provides many of these services. ETTA’s new service, Transitions, will assist families learn about these services, access them, know what steps to take, and offer professional guidance.


GTX Smart Soles

The latest in wearable technologies, GTX products assist families who have loved ones who wander.  Having experienced the terror of my loved ones who are non-verbal and wander, this is an effective solution.

What happens when children with developmental disabilities grow up?  Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence (JChai) is a multi-faceted organization with cutting-edge inclusive, supportive vocational programs and living options that serves over 150 people throughout the community.

Join us in The Rad Lab

Do you have a project or idea in mind? Or, would you like to contribute in our labs?
Contact us to explore ways in which we can collaborate.

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