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We are bridge-builders


Helping bring your vision into reality

The Rad Lab aligns with numerous specialists and connects them
to our collaborative projects. Our primary focus is to create high quality programs
that enhance the lives of neurodiverse individuals and their loved ones.

Learn more about the collaborative team in The Rad Lab.


Pronouns: She/Her

I align with numerous specialists who know a lot more than I do in their particular field. I will put a team of experts together and work hard to put your vision into action. 

Headshot 2022 Blue.jpg

I've always had a passion for social services, and began studying and working in this field in 1984. After marrying the man of my dreams in 1990, I stopped working and began traveling with my husband, who at the time was pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers. We had our first son, Danny, in 1993 and it wasn't long after that he received the diagnosis of autism. At that time, autism was considered a rare developmental disorder and there were very few programs and service available to families. I felt lost and overwhelmed. I didn't know anyone who had a child with autism and I was anxious, and quite honestly, pretty terrified. As I began reaching out for help, I met the most remarkable people and have formed lasting friendships. It didn't take long to bond with others who shared this unexpected journey. Teachers, therapists, developmental pediatricians and other families were a source of inspiration, and I wanted to help fill service gaps and start a program of my own.

In 1996, I partnered with some extraordinary people and founded Education Spectrum, a center-based social skills and community integration program, and the team at Education Spectrum has since become an extension of my family. This creative outlet allowed me to focus on others, and in doing so, it helped me cope with my feelings. It was not only healing provided services to others, but I was able to surround myself with experts who could support me and my family. In 2007, when Danny was a teenager, I began thinking about what life would look like for him after high school. Danny always had a tremendous affinity for animals, so we created a petting farm called, Danny's Farm that was open for 11 years. Danny, along with dozens of others, had a safe and nurturing environment in which to work and thrive. More recently, Danny hosts a YouTube show, The Farmer Danny Show, as part of his self-determined life. 

When both of our adult children were out of the house and settled, I began consulting for various organizations, focusing on much-needed services for adults with developmental differences. In particular, my primary areas of focus are high-quality affordable housing and improving employment outcomes. From fund raising to program design, I can work remotely, allowing me to continue to travel with my husband (still the man of my dreams) in his baseball coaching career. 



I'm a California girl, and since Californium was first synthesized at UC Berkeley, it's naturally my favorite. More importantly, it has practical applications and is so powerful that it can start up nuclear reactors.


Chief Operating Officer

Born and raised in Minnesota, Julie LaRose comes to The Rad Lab with extensive experience in Business Management, and Consulting with families and organizations within the neuroudiverse community. She is also the proud mother, champion, and advocate of two neurodiverse children, one of whom is nonverbal. 


Julie has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management and specializes in corporate branding, business development and marketing. Before embarking on a mission to help empower those with diverse abilities to become more self-determined, her eclectic range of enterprises included Home Goods creation and Interior Design, Holographic sales and marketing, yoga teacher, Women’s Retail consultant and Hollywood Wardrobe Styling. 


Each aspect of Julie’s background has intersected, translating her entrepreneurial, visual, and artistic skills to drive and elevate programs and lives from a Person-Centered based perspective. Her Midwestern values, desire to hold space, and collaborative spirit and have given her a unique ability to make people feel at ease and serve the needs of others. She aims to share what she has learned as a parent, facilitator, and businesswoman to serve the IDD community and encourage individuals to live by choice and not by chance.



Neon is a “noble gas” and it is “Rare on Earth”. My world is full of and revolves around color. The glow and arresting color of Neon make it completely different from any other kind of light. The intense color and vibrancy of neon has been equated to “transforming cities into sensational new environments.” Personally, that kind of light is what I strive to bring to the world in a way that changes lives.


Promotions & Collateral

I’m excited to bring four decades of creating branding ideas and solutions to my diverse client base, and to introduce you to PromoShop and all we have to offer! After graduating from Penn State, it was a natural segue for me to get into the “pen” business! The premise “it is better to give than to receive” is what attracted me to this industry – and that’s my philosophy to this day. That’s what this is all about…giving your clients something cool with your brand that will appreciate, use, and remember. I’m an old-school marketer…nothing wrong with that! The hand-to-hand combat element of “social/media,” is where the battles will be won: in social situations (IRL or virtual)–conferences, concerts, etc. Handing a client/prospective customer a branded product can create countless impressions, conversations, trending Tweets, and a memory or two. People get excited about receiving cool branded “things!” My job is to understand what you hope to accomplish within your budget, create a winning solution with measurable results…and make cool stuff that you and your clients will love!  Bob has brought fresh and creative ideas/products to The Rad Lab and its clients over the years.



Argon is the noblest yet most common of gasses, making up 1% of the earth's atmosphere. Also Argon is atomic number 18, representing "Chai" meaning "life" in Judiasm.


Art Director

Stephanie began her career in the publishing industry, working as the Art Director for Pasadena Weekly and other monthly publications. Today, she works with small businesses and non-profits to help bring their visions to life through branding, marketing, graphic and web design, and much more. Stephanie has built beautiful websites and digital collateral for The Rad Lab for nearly 20 years.



Hydrogen is one of the elements that is responsible for all life in the universe – all creation. Personally, I enjoy helping others create in their universe – through projects large and small.



MLB Liaison

Jim Gott has hosted numerous exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours at stadiums across the country, obtained countless sports memorabilia items for charity auctions, made and arranged public appearances with his contacts and served on the LA Dodgers Speakers Bureau for many years. Jim sustained a professional baseball career for 19 years and a professional coaching career for nearly 20 years. He pitched in the Major Leagues from 1982 through 1995 for the Toronto Blue Jays, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Dodgers. His post baseball career included hosting KABC’s “Sports Talk”, announcing at Dodger Stadium, and Pitching Instructor for Dennis Quaid in preparation for “The Rookie.” Jim was the Bullpen Coach for the Philadelphia Phillies for the last three years, and is now a Pitching Coach for the Oakland A's Dominican Summer League. Jim’s 35-year-old son, CJ, is affected with autism, along with Danny (30). Jim enjoys a variety of martial arts training and holds his 4th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido.  Jim's tireless efforts have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars infused into programs serving the autism community and beyond.



Oxygen because we all need it to survive and it reminds me to take a breath, so I can be present.


Government Relations

As Principal and founder of Sheehy Strategy Group, Tom Sheehy is recognized as one of Sacramento’s most experienced and influential lobbyists, as well as a fiscal expert. Known for his strength in developing lobbying strategy, planning and executing lobbying campaigns, Tom’s ability to shape and deliver messaging in a clear and convincing manner achieves superior results for legislative and regulatory clients on difficult issues. He leads teams in complex, competitive and high-pressure environments to secure the client’s desired outcome. He has also helped clients develop state department customers and contract with state agencies, thereby securing $100s of millions of dollars in business over the years.  His skill in navigating California’s political landscape comes from over two decades of experience working at the most senior levels in both the state legislature as well as the Governor’s office. He has mastered the intersection between public policy, politics and people in a lobbying career at both a Fortune 100 financial services company as well as an international law firm. Tom manages difficult policy issues by conducting thorough research and understanding the different variables that impact the client’s success. He then develops tactics and strategies to craft messages that position the client to win, all while integrating and leveraging the client’s resources to achieve effective public policy outcomes.  We have been collaborating with Tom for many years, identifying and accessing funding for the I/DD population. 



First, Gold played a major factor in the population migration to California in the 19th century and the territory becoming a state in 1850. Second, the color gold has been associated with enlightenment and cosmic consciousness for thousands of years. That is why temple, mosque, stupa, and church domes are almost always painted bright gold; especially in the eastern traditions.


Creative Director
Event Design
Dan Headshot from Dan.jpg

Dan began his career as head of publicity event marketing for a division of Disney. As a co-founder of Paradigm Shift, Dan collaborates with The Rad Lab on numerous fundraising events.  He brings a wealth of experience in event planning, art direction and design, resulting in highly successful galas, tournaments, auctions, and other events.



Krypton - because Superman is my favorite superhero and Krypton is a bright light.


If you would like to explore collaborating with us in The Rad Lab, please contact us today.



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